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Prepare Your Fleet for Winter

If your fleet’s diesel fuel is not protected, it can gel and block filters when temperatures drop – causing engine failures. Don't get caught unprepared for during freezing temperatures.

Sign up today for the the Mansfield Energy Arsenal ColdPRO Winter Fueling Program. ColdPRO is a high performance winter diesel additive formulated to provide fuel operability down to -40°F when properly blended.

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Take Advantage of the Complete Arsenal ColdPRO Program:

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ColdPRO provides protection against impacts of severe cold weather while also providing power boost, detergency, and lubricity. 

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To give you insights into your fuel's health, Mansfield  partnered with a trusted environmental laboratory to provide fuel sampling and diagnostic testing (recommended every six months).


Emergency treatment kits protect fuel from the cold and help restart a stalled vehicle during severe cold weather.

All local fleets should have a kit handy in case of surprise cold snaps or regional fuel supply challenges. 


Complete the form today to order or learn more about diesel additives, fuel testings, and emergency treatment kits. | 866-275-5433  |

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