Set and Protect Your Annual Fuel Budget

Budgeting for fuel can be challenging, especially when it comes to predicting market trends. As many companies enter the budgeting season, fuel prices are an important consideration.

Predicting the future is impossible, but prudent planning can help you grapple with the uncertainty. With these four simple steps, you will be able to lead your company’s fuel program through whatever challenges may come your way.


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As a leading fuel and logistics provider in North America, Mansfield Energy simplifies the supply chain and helps many of the largest fuel consumers save on fuel procurement and achieve their annual budget goals.


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Plan for the Unexpected

In the energy industry, unpredictable forces such as weather, pipeline failures and refinery shutdowns can raise fuel prices and potentially damage your bottom line. Mansfield Fuel Price Risk Management services can mitigate the impact these and other events may have on your fuel costs.


If your organization’s profitability or customer relations are directly impacted by the inherent volatility in energy markets, contact our price risk management team today. 


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