DEF centralizing to save cover 12-2019Learn Why Mansfield Customers Choose to Centralize their DEF Procurement

As DEF consumption grows, customers are searching for DEF suppliers who can make their purchases cheaper, easier, and more operationally efficient. With 15% market share in the bulk DEF market, Mansfield Energy works with DEF consumers of all shapes and sizes, and has seen a trend toward greater centralization in DEF procurement. Today, DEF consumers are also standardizing equipment solutions across all sites and opting for larger tanks and totes over jugs and drums.

Many customers have opted for centralization to improve their reporting, simplify their operations, and reduce product and equipment costs. 

We'll show you 4 of our customers' best practices for saving on the total cost of DEF procurement. Request a copy today!  

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Guaranteed Quality DEF Supply, Logistics and Equipment

For diesel consumers, fuel is not the only product they are purchasing on a regular basis. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) has become a growing concern for procurement teams and fleet managers across North America. DEF is mandated in the U.S. for all on-road vehicles manufactured after 2010 and for off-road equipment produced after 2015. Annual North American DEF demand exceeds 800 million gallons – and that number is growing by 10-12% each year. 

Mansfield Energy understands the importance of protecting your fleet assets. We have been at the forefront of DEF supply since the beginning of North America's DEF industry building the leading DEF supply and logistics network, DeliveryONE. Mansfield ensures customers always have reliable supply of high quality DEF that consistently meets ISO standards.

For over 60 years, Mansfield Energy has provided leading organizations advanced fuel management support and solutions across the energy supply chain. To learn more about Mansfield, visit