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Cold Snap Leads to Record Nat Gas Withdrawal

Editor’s Note: We don’t often talk about natural gas in this publication (to keep up with the latest natural gas trends, consider subscribing to Natural Gas News), but this winter we’ve seen natural gas trends impact fuel prices. We’ve mentioned in FUELSNews lately that diesel prices have been[…]

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Winter Storms Continue Impacting Fuel Supply

After sweeping across the Midwest and bring extremely low temperatures, Winter Storm Inga has made its way to the East Coast, bringing snow and icy weather from Florida to Maine. Today will hopefully be the worst of the bad weather, but the storm has already had an impact on fuel supply.

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Why More Diesel Tanks are Gelling This Winter

(With contributions from Alan Apthorp)

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Weather Advisory - Winter Diesel Operability

2018 Brings Winter Diesel Operability Concerns Much of North America is experiencing colder than expected temperatures this week; if your fuel is not protected, winter weather could wreak havoc on your operability. Low temperatures have been particularly acute in the Midwest and Northeast United[…]

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Winter Heating Costs likely to be Higher This Winter than Last Winter

Editor’s Note: The EIA will release its Winter Fuels Outlook today at 11:00am, giving an outlook on expected fuel prices and trends during the winter, as well as a forecast of expected cold weather. This is important for energy consumers because it affects both their natural gas demand and gives an[…]

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Storm Update - Hurricane Nate - Orange Alert

Hurricane Nate has come and gone, without a significant impact on U.S. energy infrastructure. The storm landed as a Category 1 storm near Biloxi, Mississippi. The storm did cause nearly all Gulf crude production to be shut in temporarily (some 1.6 million barrels per day of production), but[…]

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Storm Alert – Tropical Storm Nate – Orange Alert

Tropical Storm Nate is making his way quickly north, traveling at roughly 10 mph. Nate will travel over the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico later tonight, then strengthen back at sea until reaching the Gulf Coast. Given the storm's speed, it is not expected to have sufficient time to strengthen, and[…]

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Storm Alert - Tropical Depression 16 - Orange Alert

Mansfield has gone to Orange Alert in anticipation of Tropical Depression #16 strengthening into Tropical Storm Nate. Currently, the system has sustained winds of 45 mph, but it is expected to grow as it travels towards the Gulf Coast. Current forecasts show possible landfalls anywhere from New[…]

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Storm Recovery Update – Southeast Diesel, TX Markets Move Green

Supply in the U.S. has been improving significantly over the past few days. Today, Mansfield moves diesel in the Southeast (excluding Georgia) to Code Green, indicating a return to normal supply levels. Gasoline supply in the southeast remains on Code Orange, as high retail demand has continued to[…]

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Storm Recovery Update – Southeast Moves to Code Orange; Florida, Texas still Code Red

This morning, Mansfield officially moved to Code Orange for the Southeast from Mississippi to North Carolina. Virginia remains on Code Red due to some supply tightness in Norfolk. Throughout the Southeast, supply is significantly improved, though carrier capacity remains a constraint in some[…]

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